17th Annual Running of the Bull

It’s time again for the Running of The Bull in Dewey Beach hosted by The Starboard Restaurant!! The 17th annual event is taking Dewey by storm on Saturday, July 13, when the Starboard parking lot will turn into veritable fiesta as it welcomes The Starboard’s own beach version of Pamplona’s Running of The Bulls.

The event kicks off at 9:00am on the New Orleans street beach with the second annual kids’ Running of The Bull beach party hosted by The Starboard Restaurant, Alley Oop, and The Dewey Business Partnership. Children of all ages are invited to enjoy DJs, mascots and dancing for kids from 9-10:00am.

The adult version of The Running of The Bull begins at 12:00pm and the bull makes his official run at 2pm. The event benefits the Rehoboth beach volunteer fire department and dewey beach police department. The Starboard is known for its ability to marry the concepts of fun and giving back, and the running of the bulls is one of the most famous events that does just that.

Thousands are expected to turn out dressed in traditional Pamplona running of the bull gear which includes white clothing and red bandanas. The crowd, with bull in tow, will make its way across Highway 1 with great ceremony and make their way to Houston Street where the run kicks into high gear.

The Bull, who is comprised of two people in a bull costume, will make its way to the shoreline, and pursuing the crowd, they all make their way back to The Starboard whether they are running, jogging, skipping, or just fumbling back to the “ring.”  Back at the Starboard, the bull has its showdown with the matador. One will emerge victorious, but no bulls or matadors will actually be hurt in the process.

The event continues to grow every year, raising more than $40,000 in donations to local organizations in years past. Says Steve Montgomery, owner of the Starboard, “This event is some of what the world could use more of, a silly day at the beach with plenty of laughs, happy faces, and even a little exercise as they hit the beach!”

Don’t miss this truly authentic Dewey Beach incarnation where pageantry, benevolence and revelry converge. Pamplona comes to Dewey just once a year for the world famous running of the bull! For more information visit www.therunningofthebull.com or www.thestarboard.com