The 18th Annual Running of the Bull

The Starboard Restaurant and all of Dewey Beach are once again gearing up for the premiere Dewey Beach event of the summer: the Running of the Bull. Thousands are expected to turn out for the quirkiest Pamplona-style party to hit our beach town as the Bull Run celebrates its 18th year, which promises to be bigger and better than ever. Marrying the concepts of good old-fashioned fun and raising money for a cause, Steve “Monty” Montgomery has perfected the art of throwing a party with purpose.

The revelry will kick off on Saturday July 12th, bright and early with eager Bull Run fans filing into the Starboard Restaurant about 9 or 10AM. The actual Run will begin at 2PM. The Run begins at the Starboard where the crowd will run from the Bull across Highway 1 and down Houston Street and onto the beach, eventually making their way back to the Starboard where the Bull and Matador will face off. This is all done with great ceremony as patrons, dressed often in all white with red bandanas and other festive garb, skip, jog, run, or fumble through the run, cheered on by the enthusiastic crowd. 

The Bull, comprised of two people in a bull costume, will then take on the Matador,  both of whom use unconventional methods to win the battle. Last year, the Matador emerged victorious when he distracted the Bull with a bucket of cold beer, and then stabbed him in the gut for the win. Don’t worry, though, no Matadors or Bulls are actually hurt in this mocked up fight to the death.  Who will win this year is anyone’s guess–you’ll have to show up and see for yourself!

In traditional Starboard style, Lauralea and Tripp Fabulous will be on the premises providing killer sound from the stage erected in the parking lot, helping everyone cultivate awesome beach party vibes. The Washington Nationals mascots will also be on hand to offer extra entertainment. Montgomery will have extra help from the staff of both Bethany Blues locations who will line the streets of Dewey to help hand out water, pick up trash and help with public safety.

There is no better way to celebrate our way of life at the beach than with the Running of The Bull. It’s the type of event that puts a smile on your face, and a Spanish twinkle in your eye. Montgomery loves that the event makes for a wacky time that raises serious money locally.

This year is a bit different in that 100 percent of the money raised will go to the Rehoboth Beach Fire Department. Typically, Montgomery has donated to the Dewey Beach Police Department, helping them obtain much-needed equipment such as police dogs, vehicles and even a Gator, but this year, because of a change in the town’s donation policy, The Starboard is barred from donating to the police force. The event raises over $5000 annually for charity, with a total of over $85,000 donated to the police and the fire departments over the previous 17 years.

You have no excuse to miss this truly authentic event, so come on down to the Starboard Restaurant in Dewey Beach and watch the Bull battle the Matador on Saturday July 12th. The party starts when you arrive.